Blacksburg Contradances (What is contradance?)
Dances are on the third Saturday night of the month from 8pm to 11pm with a lesson at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Admission $8 (after 10pm, free)
Students (and kids) $5

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Date Band Caller Hall
20 Oct 2018
The Bouncers
Charolotte Crittenden  
17 Nov 2018
Playing With Fyre Emily Rush  
15 Dec 2018
Rhythmajigs Kyle Johnston  
19 Jan 2019
Wheel House The inimitable Dean Snipes  
16 Mar 2019
TBD Warren Doyle  
20 Apr 2019
Rushfest Emily Rush  
18 May 2019
ContraForce Ken Gall  

Directions to the YMCA Dance Room

Other stuff

Other dancing in the area

Blacksburg square dance (1st Sat of the month)
Floyd contra dance (2nd Sat of the month)
Roanoke contra dance (4th Sat of the month)

Greensboro, NC contra dance (3rd Saturdays)
Jonesborough, TN contra dance (1st and 3rd Saturdays)
Winston-Salem, NC contra dance (every Tuesday)
Charleston, WV contra dance (2nd weekend of the month)

If you want announcements for upcoming dances, please email Mary Ann Parcher at parch32 at(@)

For more info, or if you'd like to play or call the dance, please contact Charlie Zisette at charleszisette at(@)

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